Tustin Medical Weight Loss

Beach Cities Medical Weight Control is now extending its services to those who live in the City of Tustin. Although you’re just a few minutes away from our state-of-the-art facility, it may take a little longer to shed those extra pounds that have been nagging at you for an even lengthier period of time. In order to get you started down the path of healthy weight loss, the first step involves a free consultation with Dr. Hartleroad and his associates. One of the major differences between our program and the ones that have failed in the past is our dedication to helping you get back to being your old self, but with a new plan. Being realistic is also one of the major components of our program, and we’re here to let you know that the sensible approach often produces the best results. With all of our sensibilities combined, losing a significant amount of weight can become a reality, rather than something you’ll eventually get around to.

During your free consultation, our staff will gather the necessary information concerning your overall health, as well as how much weight you’d like to lose. We’ll also show you how we go about catering to each patient’s individual needs, which includes a combination of workable diet and exercise routines, but also how these two components will coincide with a regimen of our FDA approved supplements. Along with these three puzzle pieces, the way we communicate with each other is another necessary element to helping you succeed. We’ll also discuss a few other things related to the entire process, which should take about an hour. If it turns out that you like the way we do things here at Beach Cities Medical, we can get you started as soon as you’re ready. Before all of this can take place, however, you’ll need to give us a call and we’ll set up your free consultation.

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