Irvine Medical Weight Loss

Beach Cities Medical Weight Control is now catering to Irvine residents who aspire to look and feel their best. Because losing the weight and keeping it off may turn out to be a two-fisted effort, we’ll supply the means while you’ll have the chance to provide the stamina by towing the line. Our treatment plans are sensible and realistic, as they’ve been proven to work many times over. We use a combination of healthy food consumption along with a reasonable exercise regimen to complement our prescribed FDA approved dietary supplements. In order to find what suits your individual needs in the best way possible way, we’ll need to get into a few specifics during your first visit, which is absolutely free, by the way.

Dr. Hartleroad and his medically trained staff firmly believe that in order to help you reach your goals, consistency is one of the best ways to get there, which can also be made a little easier with our support system. As your targeted weight date awaits, the idea here is to make a few changes to your life without having to disrupt your daily activities, which is when you’ll need to step in and decide if this program is right for you. Chances are, you’ll like hearing what we have to say about the entire process.

Opening up the dialogue can start with a phone call, or you can drop in and have a look at our facility. We’ll show you around and you’ll also be able to see our non-invasive diagnostic equipment; if you like what you see and hear, we’ll set up your free appointment and get you started on an individual weight loss plan that works for you! This may be one of the only scenarios in life when losing something and not getting it back is an actual gain. We think you’ll agree!

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